This research is funded by the Medical Research Council and is a unique collaboration between LSHTM, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the Royal College of Art (RCA).

The LSHTM-based research team includes:

John Cairns


John Cairns, Professor of Health Economics.




Neus Abrines-Jaume


NeusAbrines-Jaume, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology.





Carla Guerriero


Carla Guerriero, PhD Candidate.




The RCA-based research team includes:

Joan Ashworth


Joan Ashworth (Professor of Animation)




Matt Abbiss


Matt Abbiss (Animation Filmmaker and Programme Tutor).




The GOSH-based research team includes:



Katherine Brown, Consultant in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.




Jo Wray


Jo Wray, Health Psychologist in the Centre for Nursing and Allied Health Research and Evidence Based Practice.





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