Bloomsbury Festival 2013

In October 2013, the CHILDSPLA team took part in the Bloomsbury Festival, where interactive activities were given to children and their families about children’s health.

Also, it was a great opportunity to test with the general public most of the animations that we had developed for the app. The animations were played on iPads and children were asked to explain what they thought the character was feeling in each animation. One hundred and one children aged between 4 and 14 years old gave us very useful feedback about the animations.

Visitors’ comments about the CHILDSPLA tent were largely very positive. Parents reported that their children loved the craft activities and using the app, and that they enjoyed the opportunity to interact with their children in a creative way.



Childrens’ comments about the CHILDSPLA tent or the project

“We liked making our own characters.”

“Children make happy characters, but adults are grumpy because they want to make their own!”


“Had fun making flick-books!”


Parents’ comments about the CHILDSPLA tent or project:

“My children most enjoyed the interaction, colouring, arts & crafts.”

“I found it interesting watching my son analysing the app and seeing that he likes reading right to left; just as I did when I was a child!

“The kids loved the activities, and I enjoyed hearing about the work that the researchers do.”




Comments about the CHILDSPLA app

“I like this app. It gives children control rather than allowing adults to put words in their mouths.”


“This app will make it easier for children to express how they feel rather than forcing them into brackets; it gives them control over how they are feeling.” – Parent


“I liked that the app showed a broad range of emotions.”- 13 year old

“Where can I download this app?”


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